Water Safety Roster 18/19

Cronulla Crays is serious about water safety. We operate all activities (Sunday Nippers, Carnivals and Training) in accordance with SLSNSW Standard Operating Procedure 15.22.  Surf Life Saving Australia sets strict ratios for water safety to nippers – 1:5 for proficient nippers, 1:1 for non-proficient nippers.  We need high-level parent support for water safety.

What does all that mean?  Well for every 5 nippers in the water we need 1 water safety on a board or with a rescue tube in the water.  So if we have 30 nippers doing a swim we need 6 water safety in the water.

If the above ratios of water safety to nippers are not meet the club is not allowed to put the nippers in the water.

Want to know more about what is involved in water safety click

Water Safety Roster Season 2018/19
Week 1 7/10/18 U14 U13 U12
Week 2 14/10/18 U11 U10 U9
Week 3 21/10/18 U8 U14 U13
Week 4 28/10/18 U12 U11 U10
Week 5 4/11/18 U9 U8 U13
Week 6 11/11/18 U14 U12 U11
No Nippers 18/11/18 No Nippers
Week 7  (Sat) 25/11/18 U10 U9 U8
Week 8 2/12/18 U14 U13 U12
Week 9 9/12/18 U11 U10 U9
Week 10 16/12/18 U8 U14 U13
No Nippers 23/12/18 No Nippers
No Nippers 30/12/18 No Nippers
No Nippers 6/1/19 No Nippers
Week 11 13/1/19 U12 U11 U10
Week 12 20/1/19 U9 U8 U14
Week 13 27/1/19 U13 U12 U11
Week 14 3/2/19 U10 U9 U8
Week 15 10/2/19 Branch Champs Branch Champs Branch Champs
Week 16 17/2/19 U11 U10 U9
Week 17 24/2/19 U8 U14 U13
Week 18 3/3/19 State Age State Age State Age
Week 19 10/3/19 Last day of nippers


If you are a non-proficient parent with no SLSA SCR or Bronze Medallion awards you are not allowed in the water near the nippers.  This has to be strictly adhered to as an accident or injury caused to oneself or another person by a non-proficient parent is not covered under SLSA insurance policies and you may be personally liable.